Adding and removing

Part 1

This begins a series of posts following progress towards the next update of my sudoku game. Version 1.3 will bring Google Play Games integration and a series of UX improvements. I’m going to write about the latter here.

Simplicity is at the core of this particular sudoku game. I receive a lot of feature requests, but only pursue ones that align with this goal: simple, beautiful sudoku for Android. The next release features two often-requested enhancements. Completed games can be filtered out from puzzle selection. ‘Solved’ digits are automatically disabled during gameplay.


I also spent time examining the performance of existing features to see what wasn’t being used and what didn’t quite fit. Two features have been cut. Analytics showed that a setting to turn off conflict highlighting was almost never used. The solver screen was also removed. It always felt a bit like clutter, so it will continue as a separate app.

This is first time I’ve really planned a release of the game. A little analysis of the feature set really helped me to focus on the important bits and keep an eye on creep.