Cleaner screenshots

App screenshots on Google Play often display the system nav bar and have distracting notifications in the status bar. Here are a couple of tricks for making cleaner screenshots – no Photoshop required.

Lose the system nav bar

Create a custom emulator device from the Device Definitions tab in AVD manager. Configure the device with one of the supported screenshot resolutions (such as 720×1280) and change the Buttons toggle to Hardware.

Full health

The emulator status bar will be empty but it displays the battery as discharging by default. Telling the emulator that it has full battery is just a couple of commands (5554 is the default emulator port).

Consistent times

Set the same time between screenshots for maximum consistency. You can even try to reflect the current app version number in the time, if you’re feeling super nerdy: adb shell date -s 20130411.130000


Cleaner screenshot