Ditching old deserts

Part 2

The next update of Sudoku will be the first to target Android 4.0 and above. This means that 17.5% of the current user base will not get the option to upgrade, but it also means faster iteration in a cleaner codebase.

The analytics data suggests the Android 2.3 users are disproportionally less engaged with the game, producing only about 10% of sessions. The return on investing that extra ~30% (gut feeling) of development time in backwards compatibility was dwindling. Moving to minSdkVersion=”14″ allowed dropping several compatibility dependencies and provides more opportunities to use newer APIs.


The experience for the pre-ICS user is not that bad either. They’ll continue to be able to use the current, stable version of the app.  Around 12% of new installs on any given day are Android 2.3. Those users may never get the latest features, but the other 88% will get them a whole lot sooner.