Sudoku icon refresh

Modern robots float, right?

Sudoku was recently updated with a fresh new material design. The app icon stood the test of time. It dated back to 2010 when I was building Android apps in my bedroom at University. But a lot has changed since Android Froyo. It was time for something clean, modern and material.


Guenther Beyer of Opoloo designed the original icon. We talked over some ideas for an update and agreed that it was important to maintain it’s personality. People seemed to relate to the robot character. It stood out, and that’s critical in a highly saturated category like sudoku.


My favourite detail of the new version is the paper fold. Paper is the basis of Google’s material design language, but it also relates to the motivation behind the game – it should feel as simple as pencil & paper.


The importance of a great icon shouldn’t be underestimated. Sometimes it’s your one shot to make an impression, and begin to tell a story about what makes your app different from the rest.


Download Sudoku on Google Play